We help nonprofits create strategies for scaling impact. We work closely with nonprofit and NGO leaders seeking guidance on critical decisions about the future of their organizations. Our highly collaborative process takes on complex problems and identifies practical solutions that can help organizations understand and overcome their biggest barriers to scaling impact.

We help nonprofits design for effectiveness. Our clients include the social change leaders of large US and global networks (like the YMCA, The Boys & Girls Club, and The Salvation Army), multiservice providers, nonprofits and NGOs, and social entrepreneurs. All have big ideas for making their communities and the world a better place. Leaders of these diverse organizations seek our help to shape their strategies to maximize their impact. Our consulting services include change management, performance measurement, leadership development, cost analysis, and network effectiveness.

We help nonprofits, NGOs, and fields develop strong leaders.Without strong leaders and teams, nonprofits and NGOs struggle to succeed. That struggle becomes widespread when leadership shortfalls affect entire social sector fields. Our consulting services, management tools, and practical insights help individual organizations and fields to develop strong recruitment, training, and retention strategies.